My P.M.S.


The Word of God says that God created us for His glory (Isaiah 43:6,7). This one word sums up my whole purpose. It’s one truth that I never want to forget. It has become my lifelong mission.

Because bringing God glory is so important to me. I took the liberty of following some wise advice. I created my own mission statement, Priorities Based Mission Statement, to help me stay focused and clear. Here is my mission statement below:

My Mission Statement
To bring glory to God in everything that I think, say, and do. To stand before Him with clean hands and a pure heart, while giving off the sweet smelling fragrance of Jesus Christ unto His nose. To be the vessel of clay that He can crush, squeeze, and shape as He sees fit. To be His righteousness in the earth that fulfills and completes His good works in me. To give God the best of me as He has given unto me the best of Him.

To glorify God in my daily pursuit of an intimate relationship with Him, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

To glorify God in being one with my husband, doing good unto him all the days of my life; praying for him, loving him, and respecting him as the head of our home as Christ is the Church.

To glorify God in cultivating and nurturing my relationships with my children. To love them; be merciful, compassionate, and patient with them; helping them to become and be the men and women God created them to be.

To glorify God in building my home; working diligently with my hands. Mastering to be a faithful steward over everything God has entrusted into my hands, while not eating the bread of idleness. Providing my family with a loving, peaceful, godly, welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

To glorify God in my health, both physically and spiritually, by taking care of His temple that is my body. Making sure to honor Him with what I eat and drink; with what goes into my eye and ear canals; with what I release through the parting of my lips as well as what I do with my hands. Making sure that my feet only go where He leads.

To glorify God in freely giving unto others what God through Jesus Christ has given me; boldly sharing my testimony of Jesus and boldly loving others; lifting up Jesus that all men may be drawn unto Him.

To glorify God by continually giving myself to prayer and to the ministry of His Word.

Are you having trouble figuring out your duty or purpose? Well, I encourage you first to pray about it. Ask God to show you what it is He wants you to do. Then create your own priorities-based mission statement. And if you trust Him, which I hope you do, you too will soon be well on your way to fulfilling your God-given mission.

For His glory,