Well, Hello There!

To obtain a right relationship with God is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive for yourself. Life in Christ takes on a whole new meaning. Maybe you’re new to the faith and you’re wondering what that looks like for you now. Maybe you’ve been on the faith journey for some time yet, you feel like there’s something still missing.

I have good news for you. No matter where you are on your journey with God, be assured that there is so much more in store for you. You just have to keep going. Keep pressing in.

As you do this, you’ll soon find that you will have put yourself in position to:

I’m Erica! Welcome to my blog!

Walking with the Lord is a journey. One you should be able to do freely as God intended. I’m here to help. With my faith-based resources, you’re guaranteed to be encouraged to take your journey in the right direction.

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Here’s what’s good!

Bible Reading Plans

The Word of God has the power to free you from any bondage. That’s where a simple Bible reading plan comes in. These Bible reading plans will help to solidify the power of God’s Word and what it means for your walk with Christ.

What I’m Reading

Book readers are my kind of people (Smile.)! In today’s society, there are a plethora of books pertaining to life in Christ. There is nothing like gleaning from the wisdom of others. Here is where you can stay up to date with what I’m reading.


“If you want to be free, just start doing what God wants you to do.”

~Joyce Meyer